Information Overload

Everyday, we worry about things that have little to no effect on our lives in the long run & everyday, we turn a blind eye to things that will affect our lives greatly in some way. Stress from your job, school, or BOTH, dealing with obnoxious roommates, a bickering significant other, or how about that person who doesn’t know how to use a damn blinker? All of these short, fleeting moments of stress take a lot of energy and time. What if we focused that energy in the things that really matter?

We live in a day in age where the news that we don’t really want to hear about reaches us without welcoming it, and where we don’t hear about the things that affect us on a daily basis. I have learned a few things this week by watching TV: anything and everything about Justin Bieber’s personal life, STILL. And he’s STILL irrelevant to the majority of us. Let’s talk about what IS relevant. Let’s seek information about the issues that are affecting us RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Of course there are those important, popular issues that everyone won’t stop arguing about: ABORTION, GUN CONTROL, IMMIGRATION, & LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA. But what do you REALLY know about these topics? Most people know what they’ve heard in passing, probably some news source that are sharing opinions based on facts that may or may not be true.

What about the important, less known issues? How about the GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS that are in 90% of U.S. crops?  What about the constant RECALLS of food products? How about the water you’re drinking, IS IT SAFE? Is your JOB paying you enough?

What about the things that should be issues but no one is REALLY TALKING ABOUT THEM? Ever wonder why the OBESITY rate is so high in the United States? What about the nation’s dependency on OIL?

The issues are endless. Just because you don’t hear about them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Start caring about the world you live in and the other people in it because it’s all we have. The state of our economy and everyone’s personal lives often get in the way of caring. The thing we don’t realize is how much caring could make our economy and lives better.

If you’re a living, breathing, human being, you should care. We have the resources and the drive to make a difference. It all starts with simply being informed. The uprising will unravel from there.

wake up, let’s go.


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